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CBW Comes To Fight Night!!!!!

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Thats right ladies and gents and party people across the world. Fight Night will include the delux rematch of Mac Daddy Matt vs Sloppy J. They will once again brawl and bash vcrs, crutches, and paddles and more over each others head. The question is can Sloppy J defeat Mac Daddy Matt? The evidence shows that he hasn't been able to perform this task in 2 years with SHW or BCW and even now in CBW. He still hasn't defeated the Mac Daddy of the Lands and all other Assterial plains that have failed to be mentioned. Mac Daddy Matt has certaintly proved he could withstand punishment with the best of them. Sloppy J has proven this time and time again. And last time Mac daddy Matt split sloppy j's barreling mass of fat in his belly. This time there is no glass but how will this early match affect Sloppy J and Mac Daddy Matts shape in January the time of the Tournament of Death. I don't know but it should be a great match and it will be very difficult to top there last outstanding performance. Good luck to both of these guys as they should be resting for the Tournament but these two crazy bastards are sleeping like babies for that tournament. They don't care what happens to them..........SOMEONE CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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