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Pimp Daddy Polk and Sloppy J.................

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Yes these two guys have been in four ways and in there own seperate single matches but have you ever seen them go toe to toe and mano y mano in the abckyard. These guys had a warm up match today and it was a great technical match. This match looks to be very promising and may be booked sometime in February after the Tournament of Death or who knows we could seem them go at it in the first round at TOD or any round for that matter. All I know is when you see Pimp Daddy Polk vs Sloppy J on the card expect a hell of a match because these two put on a show and sloppy js foot looks even more terrible after healing from its break after this warm up. Its the frst time we've seen sloppy j use any bit of technical moves since back in BCW. Yes he broke back his pattented Breaker 1-9 and the stretchmark plus a devastating mov where he wraps his legs around the opponents shoulders and pushes on the head with the feet while pulling the arms and stomping and clapping the opponents hands together. Polk pulled off a beautiful figure four, a move he calls the Scalper, his finisher the Bow and Arrow, a spinning atomic drop, camel clutch, a reversed stf, and many more and Polk came out on top with a pin but between the two there are no losers.......I can't wait to see these guys go again.

Sloppy J will not be wrestling Sleezy C this week. But Man and Guy(AKA Pimp Daddy Polk) will face off against the stick and limb in a tag match. Good Luck!!!!!!!
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