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Now Now Now!!!!!

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I didn't quit but I still dont think people deserve to see me bust my ass for free and nothing in return. Man fuck the fans. I'm the presidents money worth (no offense to the lovely bank account of president Nick the Dick Lick). PDP wanted a match damnit and I fucked up. I will give him a match damnit but I need some time to get my camcorder working again. If the only person I have to work against is Polk so be it. it wont be for any of these idiots that like our backyard wrestling it'll be for the very guy that put his ass on the line in backyard wrestling and that was Mac Daddy Matt. I live by his words and say "the fans don't help you win matches". Hell you idiots cheer at the destruction of my body. So when I say Sloppy J is gone. Yes. Hes gone for you fucking shitheads. (OOOOOH CHEAP HEAT)!!!!!!! But really I'd like to get me and polks match in before january ends. No tournament of death. Too much money. If it must be done it will be done great and probably outshine every fuckin match CBW has put on. So by not doing it at my party I made you slarms wait. Yeah. Im not feeling this fucking entry so I'm done. Blah What a Crush!!!!!!!!!!!!
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