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Cbw long awaited update!!!!

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Well theres been few events since the last entry but the october event of 2006 kickd ass. We finally had three matches at one event. It started with our newbies of the fed. Hunter Vs. The Mooch. Interference by Eldaurdo the border hopper and kerry. Hunter wins with the help of kerry, but b/c the mooch didnt want to get spankd like the match stipulated for the loser everyone chases the referee V!

2nd Match! Kerry Vs. Pimp Daddy Polk! With special ref Jimmy Nukens! Jimmy talks shit the whole match and avoids contact with kerry. This match has been debated on if it should of been the main event, because it was so good. But ea after both competitors get slashed and bashed the victor ends up being kerry. No surprise there but it looks as if it might be his last match cause Polk scared him obviously.

Well the Main Event!!!! Sloppy J Vs. Mac Daddy Matt for the vacant Cbw title! One hell of a match. Mdm actually gets an adrenaline rush and takes off his shirt and reveals his new ground arielist moves. lmao. Several chachas like a lil girl was done on sloppy j. Sloppy J fights back hard though and busts mdm's nose and much more. Oh the special ref for this match Is Pdp. Well the match gets very intense and Mdm AlABAMA SLAMS Sloppy J thru glass panes. Then Sloppy J gets up and knocks Mdm the fuck out. Thats when the unthinkable happens!!!! The fuckin ref bashes sloppy j from behined with a chair throw j on mdm and pins both competitors and wins the belt.

That starts big controversy between the wrestlers in the fed. Sloppy J goes crazy trying to get glass out his foot. Mdm is pissd about losing again. And kerry comes out trying to steal everyones spot light saying he deserves a shot at the title. Sloppy J gets up and they start shouting fuck you to eachother. Mdm gets up but drinks water first. And well it was going to be a fatal fourway for decemeber, but cause kerry is a bitch wo we think has quit, and due to scheduling issues the event will go down this month. It might still be a fatal 4way might not either way its going to have atleast 3 peeps battling out.
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