Cbw long awaited update!!!!

Well theres been few events since the last entry but the october event of 2006 kickd ass. We finally had three matches at one event. It started with our newbies of the fed. Hunter Vs. The Mooch. Interference by Eldaurdo the border hopper and kerry. Hunter wins with the help of kerry, but b/c the mooch didnt want to get spankd like the match stipulated for the loser everyone chases the referee V!

2nd Match! Kerry Vs. Pimp Daddy Polk! With special ref Jimmy Nukens! Jimmy talks shit the whole match and avoids contact with kerry. This match has been debated on if it should of been the main event, because it was so good. But ea after both competitors get slashed and bashed the victor ends up being kerry. No surprise there but it looks as if it might be his last match cause Polk scared him obviously.

Well the Main Event!!!! Sloppy J Vs. Mac Daddy Matt for the vacant Cbw title! One hell of a match. Mdm actually gets an adrenaline rush and takes off his shirt and reveals his new ground arielist moves. lmao. Several chachas like a lil girl was done on sloppy j. Sloppy J fights back hard though and busts mdm's nose and much more. Oh the special ref for this match Is Pdp. Well the match gets very intense and Mdm AlABAMA SLAMS Sloppy J thru glass panes. Then Sloppy J gets up and knocks Mdm the fuck out. Thats when the unthinkable happens!!!! The fuckin ref bashes sloppy j from behined with a chair throw j on mdm and pins both competitors and wins the belt.

That starts big controversy between the wrestlers in the fed. Sloppy J goes crazy trying to get glass out his foot. Mdm is pissd about losing again. And kerry comes out trying to steal everyones spot light saying he deserves a shot at the title. Sloppy J gets up and they start shouting fuck you to eachother. Mdm gets up but drinks water first. And well it was going to be a fatal fourway for decemeber, but cause kerry is a bitch wo we think has quit, and due to scheduling issues the event will go down this month. It might still be a fatal 4way might not either way its going to have atleast 3 peeps battling out.
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Oh I know!

I've known pain
Digging, cutting, scraping pain
splitting my soul in two
like a tac thrust into my chest
a pain washed in tears gone dry
and sprinkled in pieces of shattered light tubes
Yes, I've known that pain

I've known loss
Empty, gaping, expansive loss
turning beautiful memories
into a painful black hole
standing by in awe as the wrecking ball of life
tears down what title I've held
Yes, I've known that loss too

I've known hate
Writhing, seething, burning hate
the sight of nails digging into my oponents flesh
wishing it was killing him
the growing lust for blood and suffering flowers
as thoughts of torture fill your mind
Yes, I've known that hate as well

I've known love
glorious, supreme, unconditional love
the clearing in the skies
and the coming of a new age
the victory that makes the pain and loss worthwhile
and takes the hate away
Yes, I've known love
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Now Now Now!!!!!

I didn't quit but I still dont think people deserve to see me bust my ass for free and nothing in return. Man fuck the fans. I'm the presidents money worth (no offense to the lovely bank account of president Nick the Dick Lick). PDP wanted a match damnit and I fucked up. I will give him a match damnit but I need some time to get my camcorder working again. If the only person I have to work against is Polk so be it. it wont be for any of these idiots that like our backyard wrestling it'll be for the very guy that put his ass on the line in backyard wrestling and that was Mac Daddy Matt. I live by his words and say "the fans don't help you win matches". Hell you idiots cheer at the destruction of my body. So when I say Sloppy J is gone. Yes. Hes gone for you fucking shitheads. (OOOOOH CHEAP HEAT)!!!!!!! But really I'd like to get me and polks match in before january ends. No tournament of death. Too much money. If it must be done it will be done great and probably outshine every fuckin match CBW has put on. So by not doing it at my party I made you slarms wait. Yeah. Im not feeling this fucking entry so I'm done. Blah What a Crush!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pimp Daddy Polk and Sloppy J.................

Yes these two guys have been in four ways and in there own seperate single matches but have you ever seen them go toe to toe and mano y mano in the abckyard. These guys had a warm up match today and it was a great technical match. This match looks to be very promising and may be booked sometime in February after the Tournament of Death or who knows we could seem them go at it in the first round at TOD or any round for that matter. All I know is when you see Pimp Daddy Polk vs Sloppy J on the card expect a hell of a match because these two put on a show and sloppy js foot looks even more terrible after healing from its break after this warm up. Its the frst time we've seen sloppy j use any bit of technical moves since back in BCW. Yes he broke back his pattented Breaker 1-9 and the stretchmark plus a devastating mov where he wraps his legs around the opponents shoulders and pushes on the head with the feet while pulling the arms and stomping and clapping the opponents hands together. Polk pulled off a beautiful figure four, a move he calls the Scalper, his finisher the Bow and Arrow, a spinning atomic drop, camel clutch, a reversed stf, and many more and Polk came out on top with a pin but between the two there are no losers.......I can't wait to see these guys go again.

Sloppy J will not be wrestling Sleezy C this week. But Man and Guy(AKA Pimp Daddy Polk) will face off against the stick and limb in a tag match. Good Luck!!!!!!!
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???????? What ???????????

Yea plans have been changed once again! It will no longer be sloppy j vs. sleezy c. As of right now I don't no what the fuck is going to go down so come to the event if your a fan cause Mac Daddy Matt will be there as a fan too! So if nothing els atleast you can talk to Mac Daddy Matt.
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News for the next event!!!

This months big match is now going to be Sloppy J vs. Sleezy C. This match was scheduled due to what all happend at Fight Night. It was originally going to be Sloppy J vs. Mac Daddy Matt. Well unless you've been living under a rock you would now know thats not going to happen. But because Sleezy C constantly interfered in the match, and in my opinion kept fucking the match up, Sloppy J has challenged him to a match. It should be a interesting match. I'm not sure if Man,and Guy vs. Stick, and Limb is still going down. But if it does its garanteed to be a classic.
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CBW News! The end of the road for Mac Daddy Matt!

I'm sure by now you've all heard the rumors about Mac Daddy Matt parting ways with the company. Sadly its true. He will no longer be wrestling for the fed. Other rumors were that he was going to be a manager, or camera man for the fed but those are all lies! Mac Daddy Matt plans to only be a fan. CBW has sufferd a big loss, atleast in my opinion. But the Fed will go on!
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CBW Comes To Fight Night!!!!!

Thats right ladies and gents and party people across the world. Fight Night will include the delux rematch of Mac Daddy Matt vs Sloppy J. They will once again brawl and bash vcrs, crutches, and paddles and more over each others head. The question is can Sloppy J defeat Mac Daddy Matt? The evidence shows that he hasn't been able to perform this task in 2 years with SHW or BCW and even now in CBW. He still hasn't defeated the Mac Daddy of the Lands and all other Assterial plains that have failed to be mentioned. Mac Daddy Matt has certaintly proved he could withstand punishment with the best of them. Sloppy J has proven this time and time again. And last time Mac daddy Matt split sloppy j's barreling mass of fat in his belly. This time there is no glass but how will this early match affect Sloppy J and Mac Daddy Matts shape in January the time of the Tournament of Death. I don't know but it should be a great match and it will be very difficult to top there last outstanding performance. Good luck to both of these guys as they should be resting for the Tournament but these two crazy bastards are sleeping like babies for that tournament. They don't care what happens to them..........SOMEONE CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!