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Oh I know!

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I've known pain
Digging, cutting, scraping pain
splitting my soul in two
like a tac thrust into my chest
a pain washed in tears gone dry
and sprinkled in pieces of shattered light tubes
Yes, I've known that pain

I've known loss
Empty, gaping, expansive loss
turning beautiful memories
into a painful black hole
standing by in awe as the wrecking ball of life
tears down what title I've held
Yes, I've known that loss too

I've known hate
Writhing, seething, burning hate
the sight of nails digging into my oponents flesh
wishing it was killing him
the growing lust for blood and suffering flowers
as thoughts of torture fill your mind
Yes, I've known that hate as well

I've known love
glorious, supreme, unconditional love
the clearing in the skies
and the coming of a new age
the victory that makes the pain and loss worthwhile
and takes the hate away
Yes, I've known love
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amused amused
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